Ex Natura Opere dalla Collezione Panza (1982 - 2003), FAI Villa e Collezione Panza Varese


The exhibition arises from the recent donation to FAI by Rosa Giovanna Magnifico Panza designed with the intent to enrich and broaden the knowledge of the history of the Collection, it consists of about a hundred works by the artists Anne Appleby, Barry X Ball, Michael Brewster, Cioni Carpi, Lawrence Carroll, Giorgio Colombo, Sonia Costantini, Jan Dibbets, Chiara Dynys, Piero Fogliati, Hamish Fulton, David Goerk, Jene Highstein, Joseph Kosuth, Sol LeWitt, Richard Long, Emil Lukas, Maurizio Mochetti, Richard Nonas, Ross Rudel, Sean Shanahan, Peter Shelton, Phil Sims, Robert Tiemann e Lawrence Weiner. The work whitebody, 1988-1990 by Robert Therrien is among those on display.